Monday, September 29, 2008

Pfister Sisters

Jenn saw this in Berlin, I was impressed. and, yes, jealous...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Bed Rest Lunches: Post-Surgery Part I

Just for you, Cousin Andy, I am posting these post-surgery entries out of order, bloody upload problems...

After Karin left, moms came and it was a wonderful visit. First time we've had that much QT as adult, I feel really lucky for it. She made many of my favorite things too, including almond kringle (which won't upload) and this: Greek Spinach Quiche. YUM.

Then, my favorite beefcake and her mother arrived.

We played sober dress-up games...

and hide and seek (she had the mobility advantage...)

We read books and shit...

And ate more good food!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Laid Up

Karin & I went to Trader Joes, and look what happened to my fridge. It has never seen such bounty! Provisions.
We celebrated Karin's 40th with a DELICIOUS cake she brought all the way from Madison!
One last look at my right knee before the knife.
Shawn Khoury recommended pineapple for ligament strength. Karin cut this mother up the morning after surgery. Yum!
After. Pain killers are good when they work.
My nerve catheter totally freaks me out. I try not to think about it. Dr. Yang just called me to check on it. I figured out a sexy bikini bottom number to keep the crotch out of the brace. Such a weird situation...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Spontanaety good

Robyn calls this my "let's talk about film theory face"

Life is so...fascinating, amazing, messy, hard-core. (RAE)

I feel like I'm coming down in Orlando. (MM)
Don't you feel like you're coming down in Orlando? (MM, 5 seconds later)

The other one tasted like a sci-fi winter planet. (RAE re: the second glass of scotch)
M'am, that's animal poo. (LA, imitating house inspector in basement)
A low-level spiritual experience. (RAE re: mental illness)

World Bank Lunch 9/08

Despite a largely looming and unappetizing Palin pallor over our conversation, we had a good lunch yesterday. Nice variety.

Johannes had udon or some such thing.
Diane had some good looking chicken and rice.
I had a delicious fish stew with rice. Oh so good.
Of course, the World Bank Art was irresistable.
I love that they sell little globes that bankers can place it their mouths and masticate with a grin.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ass 5

The last summer 08 pre-knee surgery trip to Assateague with Robyn.
It was good. We even bought commemorative clothes, like this girls gone wild skirt Robyn picked up. H O T.
The day was a blur. A sunny, wet, happy blur.
We set off for Rehoboth at sunset.
Assateague pride!
Now I understand about Rehoboth. The meal we had there was truly excellent. And I kept having to remind myslef that I didn't need to be scared of people, we weren't in Ocean City.
Good call, Robyn! Methinks I shall pose!
This is my new invention. Do not steal this idea.
These kids were hanging out aorund the Burger King in Cambridge or something. It was odd, but they were very friendly. In their home country, I think this is common.