Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ass 5

The last summer 08 pre-knee surgery trip to Assateague with Robyn.
It was good. We even bought commemorative clothes, like this girls gone wild skirt Robyn picked up. H O T.
The day was a blur. A sunny, wet, happy blur.
We set off for Rehoboth at sunset.
Assateague pride!
Now I understand about Rehoboth. The meal we had there was truly excellent. And I kept having to remind myslef that I didn't need to be scared of people, we weren't in Ocean City.
Good call, Robyn! Methinks I shall pose!
This is my new invention. Do not steal this idea.
These kids were hanging out aorund the Burger King in Cambridge or something. It was odd, but they were very friendly. In their home country, I think this is common.

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