Sunday, August 31, 2008

A week of Cheryls

Cheryl Dunye came to NMWA on Wednesday for an excellent and fun screening and discussion.
She was so comfortable in front of an audience, clearly a great teacher, director and performer.
We piled into the elevator to clear out to the after party...
at Fab Lounge, organized by Ebone (on the right).
I had no idea this place existed.
I had to engage in anal sex with Margaret immediately.
And here I've been trying to make The Phase work all this time...
Yucky but entertaining meal at Kramers with a crew.
I got to sit next to Rudy Huxtable. She's all grown up!
On the way home we stopped off for some spiritual guidance.
Thursday was a celebratory lunch for my wonderful intern, Diane. Really perked her up, I'm sure.
Then Cheryl Coward came to town! Just in time for G's celebratory good-bye meal...
And dancing back at Fab Lounge.
She could not hide her celebrity, exhausting.
So back to the Hyatt. I insisted she needed a chaperone.
She lead a great workshop on Saturday.
I had no idea what an online chapbook was!
Sunday morning Jason took me out for breakfast buffet brunch! And a look at Jacob Lawrence's migration series at the Phillips.

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