Monday, August 25, 2008

Colorado Springs Excursion and on to Boulder and back

And at the end of the fourth day, she went to Colorado Springs with the last pastie, wrapped in tin foil...

and got in on a little bit of the UFVA conference. Well, the important reception and drinking parts.

bathroom photo shoot...

and who knew Courtney Herman would be there! So, of course, we piled into her fancy hotel suite for some major party action. dude.

Giovanna and Kylos were kind enough to host me in their own gorgeous EconoLodge room (reminiscent of Salisbury...)

And then we met Mridu for an authentic hippie college breakfast.

Then we drove up to Boulder...

and met these kids in a park!

They were pretty friendly.

Though the rocks scared Giovanna and her motherly sensibilities.

So, after a muddy wet hike, we took her to a teahouse to try to calm her down.

Once we got our act together...

We took her home and fed her Andy's beer and Elliott's amazingly yummy chicken parmesan.

Hey, Karen will make anyone happy!


Slap happy bedtime...

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