Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Purposeful Blogging with Bassemah

Bassemah got here from San Diego just in time for the MR DIAL screening. Then we hanged out with Diane and Karen and processed the doc a little (impossible, maybe) and then got a cab home, full of boxes. We had wine and sat on the stoop until the cockroaches took over and we're stretching and dealing and all. We just looked at Jenn's blog and then Bassemah said in a very responsible, purposeful way, "we should" and I said "update our blogs." So here it is.

She just brought out some pistachios from Greece that simply TASTE and we're drinking Havana Club on the rocks and it tastes like Cuba and we are listening to Mary J Blige's "Come to Me (PEACE)" on repeat. Thing is, I'm not a marathon blogger. I am a turtle blogger, and I'm fine with that. I am also a grandma blogger. I think I blog like my grandma would blog. Except content-wise. Actually, I should do a blog in her style, it would be wonderful, very flowers focused. ANYWAY!

Bassemah arived today. Thanks god. How godsend-y is that? Diane came to the screening tonight. And Karen. And Karen's husband of 26 years Randy was giving me the BEST pep talks ever, he's positive and wonderful and I LOVE them together.

Right now I am having an orgasm with these pistachios.

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