Monday, August 25, 2008

Decendants of Evangeline & Roy Reunite

When I landed, at first I was disappointed, because I didn't see any mountains, although it felt like we were on top of one, a big sandy dirt covered mountain plain. But it was nice when Onkel Chack graciously picked me up at the airport and brought me to these two awesome girls. Haley Kate asked Jeanette, "When are your husband and that girl gonna get here?"

Haley could not have remembered me.

But she was a true hostess and friend and immediately started to entertain me with a card game.

Then Malcolm T et al arrived and we set out to the park.

Check out the view from the park (i.e. mountains in the distance!).

Andy has the most amazing garden I've ever seen (except for Grandpa Nelson's)! I can't begin to describe or perhaps even to fathom my appreciation of this garden. You name a plant that grows, it was in there. Incredible.

And this is what he made from it! A DELICIOUS Thai curry, including great seafood too.

And we got to enjoy it out here! Sunset Magazine, eat your heart out!

There were also 3 Jenny's. and Andy's outstanding home brew, or so they say... I don't drink beer, but when Giovanna came for dinner, she said his was the best beer she's had in years, definitely better than the other 2 fancy beers he had on tap in the garage.

The next Day we went to Cherry Creek State Park and did some swimming...

And more eating. and spilling- out of our suits and out of chip bags.

Haley Kate, Elise arms, Abby Grace & Gramps after another incredible dinner (salmon Andy caught and Jack grilled, grilled flatbread with rosemary, polenta etc)...

and there were a few birthdays to celebrate!


Majnuneh said...

Rule: You can't talk about the food unless you offer pictures. Agreed? That curry, by the way, looked amazing.

And, was that beautiful baby on a bar-BQ grill?

Minister of Booty said...

I was too busy eating the food to take pictures for once! Seriously, my Uncle Jack's salmon with lemon on the grill... like whoa. Babies too are tastiest when prepared on the grill. Yum.