Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Red Rocks hike and the last day

My dad asked for directions. We must consider the context.

Roxborough State Park

Avvy & papa

happy Avvy, happy papa

That's a bit much.


right before i tripped back into a bench...

Leftover salmon reincarnated into a very yummy sandwich with the help of Andy's sweet relish. Best tailgate ever. His home-smoked salmon and gouda too. (ok, he didn't make the gouda himself...)


amazing, enlightening spark

hiking at Red Rocks

Mrs. & Mr. Nelson harvesting hops

He explained what hops do, but I still don't understand.

my well-intended grave mistake. no, it is not a good idea to teach kids to taste the wondrous mint or anything else in the garden. AG was barfing all night...

kitchen candid

getting attached


Avvy, she's just...irresistable. She is henceforth known as cute monkey baby or just monkey or Äffchen. OMG she is just a little monkey.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making the flatbread again, and I'm sorry that I kept eating it before dinner was ready even when you said not to (and THANK YOU for the secret mojitos too, btw) and I'm sorry that I had more than my share and I'm sorry I took the last one from the kitchen and ate it as my airport treat the next day.

OMFG don't even make me talk about this meal. THAT PESTO!!! THOSE BEETS!!! THE CHICKEN LEFTOVERS IN THE PESTO!!! OMFG I'm hungry again...

They're taking a bath for a dog!

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