Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Leaving the Reunion & a nite in mini-paradise

One more breakfast...

... some last lovin'...

...last strange exercise.

and then a delightful walk with Auntie KJ.

This is fun, really!

So I took Elise for daquiris when she was your age, this is better for you!

Grandma to the rescue.

I swear to god this was not my thong.

Back in the 6 MOHR van once again, on the way to the airport. Now THIS is reunion.

Had to stay in Denver an extra night thanks to United, a blessing in disguise. Good retreat. And a good view of the city with the mountains behind it...

got better and better.

Wonderful amazing miracle treat. After a trip to the pool and a trip to the gym and some maxin and relaxin and e-mail catching upin, this is what I was able to actualize. I had snatched as many vegetables as I could from Andy's garden, including a perfect tomato and a bunch of basil. With my room service voucher compliments of United, I got a perfect ball of mozzerella to perfectly match said tomato and just enough basil and a little salt and pepper... heaven.

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