Sunday, August 3, 2008

Some good things lately

With G at a sex-workers collective benefit at Be Bar where we went to meet Christina after a satisfying and great SUGAR CANE ALLEY screening.

With Diane & Robyn at Sports Tavern before Andrea's screening at AIM.

August 1, 2008. Alina Octavia is born! This made Friday a GREAT day. I can not wait to smell her, for real...

Plus on Friday I found wonderful blueberries cheap and have been eating them ever since.

And on the way back from Assateague we stopped at a produce stand and I got some blackberries that were not quite sweet enough. So I made my first solo jam! Appropriate that it was blackberry ( I have very fond memories of picking blackberries and making jam in Rotenburg with Mama Lutosch...).

I even used one of her jars, one she gave me Apfelgelee in a couple years ago. Yum.

It didn't turn out great, but it looks good! And it was fun. Felt really good to just have a chill day at home and to be making food again finally.

Nzingha came over to enjoy it with me.

And then we met Giovanna for dessert.


Majnuneh said...

did you save me some???

Minister of Booty said...

Don't worry, there is a lot of dessert in Washington. There will be some left when you get here, I promise.

Or do you mean jam? There's a jar waiting for you!