Thursday, November 6, 2008


November 5, 2008

I'm still waiting for it to sink in.

I was so nervous and doubtful and scared and anxious, despite a positive and assured attitude that I was projecting on election evening. Robyn and I went to Marx Cafe, and as soon as we got there I was annoyed with people. I'd SO been looking forward to this for so long, but when it came down to it, I didn't feel so hot, felt kind of solitary. Margaret and Leesil showed up and their friends too, and the place got more and more crowded and we were squinting at TV monitors across the room. I was irritable and worried. The results so far looked hopeful, but I didn't trust it. I had such matter-of-fact hope for the last two elections, and, deep down, I just didn't have any hope left for this one. But I believe in the power of positive thinking, so I was just putting it out there...

When we left Marx, Obama had Pennsylvania and it looked like he'd get Florida. I talked to Gene briefly on the phone and he said Obama had secured Ohio. That seemed like it put him over. But I was still skeptical. We went to Margaret and Leesil's and continued watching. The TV stations were so desperately creating ridiculous filler. The panels of experts with their laptops? The holograms? We watched, cynically, uneventfully.

Then, very SUDDENLY, there was a graphic on the screen saying, "Projected Presidential Winner Barack Obama." We looked at each other, not comprehending, unable to compute. Amid all the fodder, they were going to drop the news, just like that? It didn't seem like it could be true. I felt like we sat there for 5 minutes or so, looking at each other, looking at the TV. I got up to hug Margaret, started crying, shocked, heard screaming outside. So I ran outside and started screaming too, jumping up and down (on my left leg), neighbors emerged from their houses, banging pots and pans, screaming all around, ecstatic elation abounding, all around, hugging and jumping and screaming and dancing, people I've never met and probably won't again- we were all HIGH, completely another state of consciousness, I had to go over to the porch with the folks who'd first let out hollers. We fell into each others' arms, jumping and screaming. They invited me in and we drank celebratory Hennessy and wandered around ecstatic and incredulous, went back to the porch. Other neighbors came out, we were all friends, we were all unbelievably relieved.

We went down to the White House, we had to. It was packed and euphoria emitted from everyone all along the way. People were waving American flags out of cars, and for the first time that I can remember I felt pride attached to that, all of a sudden I had to put my cynicism in check- I didn't know what to do with it (and have often felt that way since then). We made our way to the intersection of U St. and 14th. The streets were full at midnight. Everyone was walking in a daze, huge smiles, muttering to themselves in disbelief, trying to digest what had happened, loving everyone else, congratulating and celebrating and incredulous. It was unreal.

Now it's September 2009. It still surprises me when I watch a newsclip of Obama speaking and realize that it's all true, that this was really possible. Is it?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nurses I Have Loved

Post-debate TV cart

To borrow a phrase from Red, "Look how lucky I am! Take a picture!" Giovanna's pumpkin bread and Jenn's leg massage making me pinch myself.

Vanna and Jim braved DC driving to come visit. And so nice it was! They sent me all the best cards...

G & Nzingha & Jenn too.

Jenn and I watched some Women Make Movies screeners, this was THE WOMEN'S KINGDOM, I think.

Jenn cleaned my whole house before she left!

After the bandages came off- lookin' good!

When Aaron arrived, my camera got somehow pink for a while.

He took me for glorious late night walks...

and played wonderful music for Jackie, Robyn and me! A neighbor from next door even came over to tell us we needed to keep it down, but that our harmonizing group-sing of "Brown Eyed Girl, "sounds really good."

Robyn did ALL my laundry, dude! And look how BEAUTIFULLY folded everything is! So spoiled I am...

Heavenly Prudence and her heavenly tapanade. Chopped by hand!

And Pru's DELICIOUS curry meal, with Nurses Robyn and Rowan.


Morgan came over from next door, she has the YUMMIEST belly.

Serious scrabble with Sara Varon.

She kicked my ass, actually.

My Bed Rest Lunches: Post-Surgery Part III

OK, so this is all out of order, but here are some nice things.

For example, percocet makes you feel SO SEXY!

When we removed the nerve block catheter, I put this patriotic band-aid on the scar.

Here's Luz, the little luz!

A delicious Karin meal!

And Nzingha's outstanding breakfast. What a treat...

Visits with Nzingha and Zulma...

And moms!

After they took out the sutures at my one-week check-up, I had this nice tape for a while. Bon appetit!

The ever-requested kringle. DELICIOUS!!!

My Bed Rest Lunches: Post-Surgery Part II

Marta and Luz brought these beautiful zinnias from their garden. Such a treat to have that bundle here for a spell! And these flowers lasted forever.

On the same day, Zulma brought this wonderful bouquet!

And a week and a half after the surgery my left hand was finally starting to recover for the anesthesiology student Eric's missed IV pricks.

Robyn made moms and me the PERFECT delicious veggies with tofu and brown rice. It was EXACTLY what I'd been craving!

And Johannes made mom's dream come true when he came over and made us Wienerschnitzel. It was EXTRAORDINARY. And my first excursion out of the bedroom! I think this was one week post-surgery. After dinner, Johannes and I watched INTO GREAT SILENCE alone, after mom realized what was on and said "oh no, not this, this is BO-RING" and retired to the living room with her book.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Pfister Sisters

Jenn saw this in Berlin, I was impressed. and, yes, jealous...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Bed Rest Lunches: Post-Surgery Part I

Just for you, Cousin Andy, I am posting these post-surgery entries out of order, bloody upload problems...

After Karin left, moms came and it was a wonderful visit. First time we've had that much QT as adult, I feel really lucky for it. She made many of my favorite things too, including almond kringle (which won't upload) and this: Greek Spinach Quiche. YUM.

Then, my favorite beefcake and her mother arrived.

We played sober dress-up games...

and hide and seek (she had the mobility advantage...)

We read books and shit...

And ate more good food!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Laid Up

Karin & I went to Trader Joes, and look what happened to my fridge. It has never seen such bounty! Provisions.
We celebrated Karin's 40th with a DELICIOUS cake she brought all the way from Madison!
One last look at my right knee before the knife.
Shawn Khoury recommended pineapple for ligament strength. Karin cut this mother up the morning after surgery. Yum!
After. Pain killers are good when they work.
My nerve catheter totally freaks me out. I try not to think about it. Dr. Yang just called me to check on it. I figured out a sexy bikini bottom number to keep the crotch out of the brace. Such a weird situation...