Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Bed Rest Lunches: Post-Surgery Part II

Marta and Luz brought these beautiful zinnias from their garden. Such a treat to have that bundle here for a spell! And these flowers lasted forever.

On the same day, Zulma brought this wonderful bouquet!

And a week and a half after the surgery my left hand was finally starting to recover for the anesthesiology student Eric's missed IV pricks.

Robyn made moms and me the PERFECT delicious veggies with tofu and brown rice. It was EXACTLY what I'd been craving!

And Johannes made mom's dream come true when he came over and made us Wienerschnitzel. It was EXTRAORDINARY. And my first excursion out of the bedroom! I think this was one week post-surgery. After dinner, Johannes and I watched INTO GREAT SILENCE alone, after mom realized what was on and said "oh no, not this, this is BO-RING" and retired to the living room with her book.

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