Monday, December 28, 2009

My Favorite Movies of 2009

2009 was an abnormal year of movie-watching for me. I attended very few festival screenings and probably saw a lot more mainstream films than usual. I saw a lot of movies that I liked just fine, but didn't LOVE. Of what I saw, in no particular order, these were the stand-outs, the movies that made the greatest impression on me, and I did love these.


SILENT LIGHT (Carlos Reygadas)

SIN NOMBRE (Cary Fukunaga)

MUNYURANGABO (Lee Issac Chung)

PRECIOUS (Lee Daniels)


ANTICHRIST(Lars von Trier)

SLEEP DEALER (Alex Rivera)

SACRED PLACES (Jean-Marie Téno)

BRIGHT STAR (Jane Campion)

FOOD, INC. (Robert Kenner)

I must admit, I put forth this list without considering several films that I suspect I will like and have yet to see, including: Beaches of Agnes, Broken Embraces, Hurt Locker, Milk of Sorrow, White Ribbon, Tokyo Sonata, Goodbye Solo, Julia, Up, Hunger and Lorna's Silence.

Clearly, I have a lot more viewing to do!

I'll expand on these in a film blog that Jenn and I are starting, coming soon...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I am kind of in love.

Snoop Dogg and his family are so adorable. I am kind of in love.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

3's Company

When I returned to my San Diego home in September, this was my welcome meal.

I always take a long time to stare at my favorite trio buddy pic...

Jenn and I went hunting for good camping and magically happened upon Oak Grove in the Cleveland National Forest. This was our view upon waking up...

...and this was our tree...

...where we spent much of the day.

We rushed home so these two could go to the prom.

And I went to DR STRANGELOVE under the stars with Bassemah. DVD projection, but still great.

I think this is the breakfast where Micah told me, "You look old now." and when pressed to explain further, " You have wrinkles all over your body now." Kids at least are honest with you about your wrinkles, spots, mustaches and apparent pregnancies...

So I thought I might as well let it all out and fry my wrinkly body some more at Coronado beach.

After some fits and starts, we went on a spontaneous end-of-the-day trip to Mexico. This is TJ and the wall (so reassuring) from el otro lado...

...and the view behind me. God bless America.

We got stuck in a sunset traffic jam, but it was okay because we were in an exciting foreign land.

James chauffeured us while Jenn and I sat in the back seat so we could feel the subwoofer on all the Mariah Carey songs we were listening to.

Margaritas with cheap tequila upon arrival at sundown...

...and cigars (me: "Son cubanos?" server: "Sí son cubanos. Cubanos hechos en México.")...

...mean we're staying overnight in Mexico. Yippy!

For $15 each, we get this view and our own rooms and LOTS of toilet paper.

At this rate we can afford breakfast!

We headed down to the beach before hitting the road back to el norte. Jenn showed us the way.

Then, once we got there, she inspected her split ends as I devoured her with love.

James was more receptive.

Take that, Jenn!

The happy couple coupling happily.

But three is company too!

Too much going on. Adios, La Fonda!

I see it there in the distance, the land of crappy coffee!

On my last night we made homemade dumplings, first with whole wheat flower so they're thick and nutritious and hearty...

...then dozens and dozens more, each one carefully contemplated and discussed.

Goodbye, San Diego!

...and hello again...

Friday, September 4, 2009

Denver to Taos Random Shuffle

Buttons- Sia (thanks to Kelly)
Endlich Ein Grund Zur Panik- Wir Sind Helden (thanks to Andréa)
L'Amoureuse- Carla Bruni (thanks to MJ)
Amargosa- Otto
No es tan cierto- Juana Molina
Sympathy- Matson Jones (thanks to Jenn)
You're the One- James Pants (thanks to Fred)
Something's Gotta Give- Big Boi & MJB (thanks to Lavert)
Errare Humanum Est- Jorge Ben
Guerreiro- Curumin (thanks to Luiza)
Bittersweet- Big Head Todd (thanks to Silvinha)
Mavovo- Zola
Patins- CSS
Os alquimistas estão chegando- Jorge Ben
Mbdle Mbole Na Yona- Ngoma
Hide & Seek- Imogen Heap

Creationist- Kerli (thanks to Gene)
J'T'emmène Au Vent- Louise Attaque (thanks to MJ)
Get Over It!- Ira Glass (thanks to MJ)
Assim Assimix by DJ You DJ me- Moreno+2
Muito Pouco- Maria Rita
Itsoweezee (Hot)- De La Soul (thanks to Nzingha)
Futuro do País- Planet Hemp (thanks to Sara Towne)
País Tropical/ Spyro Gyro- Jorge Ben
Tribe- Simphiwe Dana
Por isso eu corro demais- Adriana Calcanhotto
Closer to Fine- Indigo Girls
Vambora- Adriana Calcanhotto
Life in Marvelous Times- Mos Def
Adelante- Los Guaraguao (thanks to Jim Finn)

Someday You Will Be Loved- Death Cab For Cutie (thanks to Sara Varon)
Top of the World- Brandy (thanks to Jackie)
Migrate- Mariah Carey (thanks to Jenn)
Supermagic- Mos Def
Hot Thing- Prince (thanks to Eve)
I Thought-Brandy
Down Syndrome- De La Soul
Brother- Jorge Ben
Fire and Rain- James Taylor
Rough Riders- Make Up feat. Mighty Flashlight (thanks to Liz, that bitch)
The Hat- Ingrid Michaelson (thanks to Anneke)
Walt Whitman's Niece- Billy Bragg & Wilco (thanks to Shannon)
Who Is It- Björk
Ich Hab Dich Lieb- Herbert Grönemeyer (thanks to Stefan)
Medicine Girl- The Everybody Fields (thanks to Leah)
I Gotta Feeling- Black Eyed Peas
A Postcard to Nina- Jens Lekman (thanks to Anne)

Is it medicine u make me- The Knife (thanks to Giovanna)
Oh Timbaland- Timbaland
Amei Tanto- Ana Martins
Mania de peitão- Seu Jorge
TV a cabo- Otto
Final Hour- Lauryn Hill
Chan Chan- Buena Vista Social Club
Hello Goodbye- Milton Nascimento
Drama Bug- David Sedaris
Eu vou torcer- Fernanda Abreu
Hope There's Someone- Antony & the Johnsons (thanks to Abina)
Comme d'Habitude- Khaled, Faudel, Taha
Vem menina- Curumin
Love Dog- TV on the Radio (thanks to Jenn)
The Mess We're In- PJ Harvey & Thom Yorke (thanks to Red)
Oh My God- Ida Maria (thanks to Whitney)
O ultimo por do sol- Lenine & Marcos Suzano (thanks to Peter)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Narita: My First Hour in Asia

I finally went to Thailand this summer. It was my first time in Asia (not counting Lebanon or Asian Turkey). But there was a stop-over at the Tokyo airport on the way to Bangkok and that was as far as I got in processing my trip to Thailand, an hour at Narita still has me chewing.

These were my first impressions:

The very first thing I saw was actually this display which I assume was about the N1H1 virus and health and safety precautions. It was really pretty more than anything.


1. They drive on the left side of the road in Japan! Didn't know that.

2. The regular trees look like bonsai trees! Or maybe it's just because we're looking at them from an airplane...

3. Narita seems to be located in the middle of nowhere, kind of like Minneapolis.
4. Japanese people are very sweet and polite.
5. Japan seems to be very down with environmentalism (recycling at least).
6. It's HUMID in Japan (at the airport).

7. Everything is so cute and pretty and expensive!

8. Drinking fountain water and sushi at the airport in Japan taste exactly like drinking fountain water and sushi at the airport in the US!

Otherwise I just tripped out about the toilet and all of its functions and capabilities aiding in discretion.