Saturday, August 29, 2009

Narita: My First Hour in Asia

I finally went to Thailand this summer. It was my first time in Asia (not counting Lebanon or Asian Turkey). But there was a stop-over at the Tokyo airport on the way to Bangkok and that was as far as I got in processing my trip to Thailand, an hour at Narita still has me chewing.

These were my first impressions:

The very first thing I saw was actually this display which I assume was about the N1H1 virus and health and safety precautions. It was really pretty more than anything.


1. They drive on the left side of the road in Japan! Didn't know that.

2. The regular trees look like bonsai trees! Or maybe it's just because we're looking at them from an airplane...

3. Narita seems to be located in the middle of nowhere, kind of like Minneapolis.
4. Japanese people are very sweet and polite.
5. Japan seems to be very down with environmentalism (recycling at least).
6. It's HUMID in Japan (at the airport).

7. Everything is so cute and pretty and expensive!

8. Drinking fountain water and sushi at the airport in Japan taste exactly like drinking fountain water and sushi at the airport in the US!

Otherwise I just tripped out about the toilet and all of its functions and capabilities aiding in discretion.


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