Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Broken Embraces

Just saw this at the Royal with Andrea. I love Almodovar. And Penelope Cruz. So this was enjoyable. Funny and smart and good. But not absolutely compelling, probably because of the main Kelsey Grammer look-alike character who just didn't pull me in. I think he fit the part well, he just wasn't a very sympathetic character.

a few days later...
I like this movie less in retrospect than I did when I first came out of Almodovarland. I think that's due in equal parts to the powerlessness of Lena and the fact that Harry Caine is not very compelling or, ultimately, likable. Oh well.

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g6 said...

I agree on the latter. Frustrated to see Almodovar doing his recycling on our dime. He gets more mileage out of Cruz's luminescence than the loping story (sorry - "storIES") in this film deserves.