Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Does my Bank blogging bore you? I didn't think so.

(Originally posted on March 2, 2006 at "the Minister of Booty has spoken")

Another day, another World Bank luncheon feast. So many dishes with which to eradicate world poverty at The Bank… Gerold told me, “Your friends are going to get bored with another what-I-ate-for-lunch-at-the-World-Bank-today blog,” but I don’t believe it. I think Gerold underestimates you. Besides, all he cares about is the hottie Baroque-lovers group that found him on Friendster, and screwing all of their tweed-wearing, Vivaldi loving, Handel toasting, smart-talking butts. G_cu

Zara joined us today, which was lovely. And it was Water Week at The Bank. So much to look at. (When we sat down for coffee I was catching eyes with a fine fine man with gorgeous thick black hair which I wanted to grab onto.) So many delicious economists, as varied as the culinary offerings in the cafeteria. I must say, the women Bankers don’t score as well (with the exception of Zara, of course. She's absolutely gorgeous. Real classy too.)


I had a savory Thai beef dish with zucchini and perfectly steamed jasmine rice and some delicious fresh fruit. My_thai_beef

But I was coveting Zara’s salad with beets and tofu and corn and eggs… Zara_with_salad She’s totally generous, and I could’ve had some of her salad if I really wanted it.

Gerold, who’s given up carbs for lent (that old Austrian custom) had some fish. Whatever. Gerold_nocarb_lunch

Speaking of deliciously brilliant World Bankers, Mark R crashed our collage and breakfast for dinner party Monday night. He wasn’t very productive though…Sexpot_dinner

On my way back to work this afternoon, I passed a protester-free White House for the first time. Wh_with_dude

Except, of course, for the guy perpetually camped out across the street, bless his soul. Protest

I flicked off G-dub for Jason Kaiser. Anytime, buddy.

(PS- Please forgive my remedial web skills. I can't figure out how to format this shit for the life of me. Suffer.)

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