Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What they're eating for lunch at the U.N. Food Summit

This menu sounds disgusting, not to mention paltry, compared to a World Bank lunch. pshaw.

– Vol au vent (a puff pastry base) stuffed with corn and mozzarella

– Pasta with pumpkin and shrimps
– Veal meatballs and cherry tomatoes
– Fruit salad and vanilla ice-cream for dessert.
– Wine: Orvieto Classico Poggio Calvelli 2005


Minister of Booty said...

Actually it sounds really really delicious. God, I'm hungry. Wish I were lunching with Mugabe and Ahmadinejad right now instead of eating left-over macaroni slathered in olive oil and black pepper...

Stateless Cinema said...

I'm starving

Minister of Booty said...

you and your parasite have every excuse to eat constantly. you should move into the Bank.