Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Frivilous things that make us happy

Last week my back porch and everything stored there got real wet, including correspondence I've held onto since the beginning of me. As I laid stuff out to dry all over my apartment, I came across this letter from my Grandma Nelson, who passed away in November of 2006. I LOVED her sense of humor, and I like to think that she had an influence on mine (also in my excessive use of exclamation points and hearts).
Sept 22 [1998]

My dear Krisi <3

First- My condolences on Gracie’s death! She was a good “church-going” cat and was buried on church property which is more than you & I can expect!

Your dad tried everything to save her- but with a broken back- there wasn’t much the vet could do.

We will all miss her!

It looks like a gorgeous day out! I haven’t been out yet today!

Just got a letter from Jack in which he sent me some money and said to spend it in some frivolous way that would make me happy! Not knowing how an 85 year old spends money frivolously- I’ll probably buy some new tops or slacks- How is that? If anyone sees the Polish colored top I bought last time- they will say “she spends her money very frivolously!!”

Jack is working on a plan for me to come out there- possibly for Thanksgiving (as he thinks your parents will be gone to Greece then)! We shall see what develops!

It must be warm out as I am getting too warm with a sweat shirt on!

Dorothy Fehrman sold her house and moved into an apt! after 38 years in that house- it will be a change for her I’ll bet.

I just got a framed picture of Jack on “Bella” the horse, which your mom will inherit one of these days! It’s a nice picture!

It is now 3 o’clock and “us Swedes” have coffee and a cookie at 3 o’clock. Never let it be said that old German me broke the tradition! Even if I will eat watermelon instead of coffee and cookies. Hah!

I’m waiting for your mom to come over for a day- she rides with Ray Mueske who comes twice a week to take care of his Laundromat here! It makes it handy for her. And he appreciates someone to talk to on the way! I knew his mother very well and like to talk to him about her family (that I grew up with).

When Karen comes- she gets more done in that day than I do in a week! But she isn’t going to be 85 either, eh?

I miss you kids when I don’t see you for a while. Is Kurt back in school?

Enough rambling for this time. Write again soon and I promise to answer!

Love you <3!

Gram Nelson


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