Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Twilight Zone train to Würzburg, a wonderful visit... & home again

We have left the villa.
Now back to Munich and points beyond!
And then we board the train from hell. G tries her best to block it out with fascinating stories of Salt.
Nice Flensburger companion, for a while...
A new day! G at the Residenz in Würzburg.
A stop on a very nice walk with Rike.
Part of my series of signs involving depictions of German dogs shitting.
Chemistry in the kitchen!
I love this mother-daughter relationship. Cool women.
a lovely spot for dinner, per Sara's pickin' & courtesy of Ingolf.
Yum, but I'm still hungry...
That's better!
Fast friends.
Mmmmm, gathzpacho!
Giovanna's food looks good too...
Würzburg from above.
Rike from Topeka!
I snapped a picture of these bugs as if to exterminate them...
and David thought I was crazy. Ha!
Please don't let this end!
4:30 a.m. Würzburg-Nürmberg
Pastoral Bavaria at dawn.
Ponder it. How was salt relevant to the creation of this farmland?
I love you, S-Bahn!
Zee end.

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Zulma Aguiar said...

OMG, you guys look like you had the loveliest time. I'm so jeealous! you're both young beautiful, GORGEOUS and traveling! wow! a woman's dream come true. xoxo to both.. love z