Friday, July 11, 2008

Getting Caught Up: Silverdocs

SO much to tell you about, so little time and internet connection (thank you my mysterious neighbor "RJ")...

et's go back to Silverdocs for starters. That was nice-uh. Saw a lot of great stuff and it was such a refreshing change to be
immersed in a film festival, but still sleep in my own bed every night.

I was probably most affected by WARCHILD, the doc about Emmanuel Jal, Gini Reticker's PRAY THE DEVIL BACK TO HELL, Chao Gan's RED ROAD, and MY MOTHER'S GARDEN from Cynthia Lester. But I think I liked every single thing I saw, at least enough to watch it entirely, and that certainly doesn't happen very often. It was a well-run and impressive fest, and it was a fancy one, particularly the post-Spike Lee reception.

But Mr. Lee himself did not cut interviewer Lisa Kennedy any slack whatsoever. I've never seen such a painful interview. Good thing we had plenty of popcorn to tide us over to the prailines and bourbon.

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