Sunday, July 27, 2008

July in DC

My BFF at work, Diane. Diane is just GOODNESS. It's even gooder when we get drinks AFTER work.

Jason treated me to an awesome concert, trumpeter Arturo Sandoval at Blues Alley. So nice...

Friday night at the local bar, the local bar with my chums.

That leads to whooping their asses in scrabble. Of course, I think I was the only one playing competitively. Grandma Mohr would be proud of both my senseless winning and the way we used the whole board.

This was supposed to be a picture of a graceful napkin swan, not of me gracefully plugging my nose to withhold a sneeze.

My G's!

And the following night with...

These people again.

At a pirate bar. You can see signs of piracy all around me. It's all part of being a pirate.

Another day, more drinks. Now with Andrea! God, she gets SO wasted when we go out...

Continuing on at my new favorite bar, the Red Derby.

I guess Pascale and I got married at some point during the evening, somewhere between Asia Argento's armpit hair and the Container Store and this nice butterfly he created for his new wife. You can see in the etch-a-sketch the reflection of the man who we were disturbing with our loud talk of Robert Downey Jr.'s heart vagina in IRON MAN.

Post-African Diaspora Film Fest celebrating with Anneke & Nzingha...

and G. Glad it's over, but it was good.

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