Friday, July 11, 2008

Italia Uno

BMW Welt- best breakfast in the world, for reals. Even with Mr. Raoul Kohler hovering.
Can we leave to drive through the Alps already?
We've arrived. Kitchen view.
At the villa. Whatevs.
Daytrip re-imagined: Vanna braves Bolsena.
The best view at Bolsena.
First night at the fabulous Claudio e Luciano's aka The Soccer Restaurant
I can die now. Pannacotta con frutti di bosco aka dolci numero 2.
Deer in headlights, about to dip into pool.
Quotidian roughness.
Lucsious antipasti at home with Michelle.
On to Venice: NoNoNeinNon.
Laundry next to commie hdqtrs.
In the Biennale park.
Finally found...the perfect restaurant, Da Alvise (ae fondamente nove, right next to the coolest hospital ever).

mmmm first gelato of the day in Venice @ Paolo e Giovanni's...
Self-referential, um, art.

OMFG this bread...

Paulo & my future wives preparing the celebratory dinner.
THE best lasagna I will ever eat.

La famiglia Piccolo.

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